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This book, Being the Change, had a profound impact on me and I am loving it. I started following the author on twitter, which in addition to exploring the books' bibliography, has nurtured my curiosity and is guiding me to continue exploring and learning about climate change and its implications for the future. Now I am reading Ministry for the Future, which so far is fabulous.

Funnily enough, I learned about Peter Kalmus through the Duncan Trussel Family Hour podcast, linked here as well.


I really enjoyed the David Sauvage interview of this podcast. Very inspirational and some excellent reminders for the truth of "resist not evil" as I have come to understand it. What has shed light on this biblical doctrine for me is how Tolstoy explains it in My Religion. Back to Duncan Trussell: there are so many great guests on this show, and the open-mindedness and listening ability of the interviewer is a delight. Here is a link to the podcast episode: 


The teachings of the monastery have been foundational to both the creative process, and to the artwork itself. Here is their website for the curious: 

I credit the awareness practice learned from the monastery as absolutely necessary to have the mental freedom to make creative work. An innumerable sum of gratitude for Cheri Huber, Ashwini Narayanan, monks and sangha; you have been indispensable to my life, and my work. 

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I so enjoyed the Cy Twombly room at the Philadelphia Museum of Art recently. I loved the raw, free, and unpretentious mark-making on such enormous, grand canvasses. I also found it interesting that my memory had completely transformed these paintings. Speaking of enormous canvasses, the Thomas Eakins on display were also AMAZING. As an artist and a nurse, I really loved  The Gross Clinic and The Agnew Clinic, but also enjoyed some of the sculptural casts and works, especially, (for obvious reasons) this horse skeleton.

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Such a good podcast! How to Save a Planet is the right amount of information and realism, balanced with a healthy enough dose of optimism so as not to plunge you into a cold dark hell-pit of despair.

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